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MS in AT Tuition, Fees & Program Costs

Graduate School Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fees for the EKU Graduate School can be found on the Graduate School Website (CLICK HERE) under the "Tuition Rates" link. This is updated annually by the graduate school.

MS in AT Program Specific Fees & Expenses

The following cost are associated with the MS in AT Program:

Application Costs

  • ATCAS Application Fee. This fee is assessed by ATCAS and set by ATCAS annually.

Post-Acceptance Costs

  • Graduate School Application Fee (approximately $40 US)
  • Background Check (approx. $80.00 US). This is done through the EKU approved vender CastleBranch. Enrolled students will be sent a link to complete this early in the first summer term. A background check is required by the EKU College of Health Sciences for all students in clinical and credentialing programs.
  • NATA Membership. All students are required to be a member of the NATA cost approximately $80.00 US, this provides students to access to ATrack for clinicals and other benefits such as eligibility for scholarships from state, district and national levels and reduced cost attendances for meetings.
  • Students must purchase a clinical uniform and equipment order during their first summer session ATR 800 Practical Aspects of AT course, so the clinical uniform will arrive by first practicum course. Cost is ~$300.00 US dollars.  Please note this includes 3 Polo's (1 Black, 1 white, 1 Maroon), a Waterproof Jacket & pants, a sweat shirt/jacket, & fanny pack as part of the minimum order to assure you have clinical uniform attire. Students may order additional items but are only required to order the minimum.  Students need not order a fanny pack if they have one prior to coming into the AT Program.
  • Students must have a physical (documented on the EKU AT Program's physical form), current, up-to-date immunizations as well as an annual flu shot and an annual 2 step PPD TB test done. Costs associated with these exams/vaccinations can range from no cost to minor cost depending on student's insurance.
  • Students are responsible for cost of attendance at the Kentucky Athletic Trainers' Society meeting annually and the Student SEATA professional conference. Total cost of conference attendance varies but registration is generally $25 for KATS and $125 for Student SEATA. Hotel costs may be shared and nights stayed vary but generally run about $150/night. 
  • The following courses in the MS in AT Program have fees associated with them to cover costs of taping supplies, casting materials, equipment calibrations, equipment replacement/upgrades, and clinical site visit expenses to name a few. Please note these cost are in your tuition and fees bill. They are not separate costs but we are disclosing them.
         1.  All Practicum Courses ATR 802, 803, 804, 804 Practicums I-IV have a course fee of $50.00
         2.  ATR 805 Field Experience I and ATR 806 Field Experience II $100.00
         3.  ATR 807, 809, and ATR 810 Practical Aspects of AT II $100.00
         4.  ATR 812L, ATR 813L, ATR 830L, ATR 835L $50.00
  • Students must purchase professional liability insurance through the University to participate in clinical experiences. This is purchased through a course registration each fall semester and costs approximately $21. This must be purchased prior to any clinical experience and is assessed to the student's account like tuition/fees associated with courses.
  • Students are responsible for all cost associated with transportation to their clinical sites. We have 25+ clinical sites and students can be placed at any clinical site during their practicums and field experiences. Cost for housing and gas for ATR 805 Field Experience I & ATR 806 Field Experience II are the responsibility of the student.
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