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Exercise & Sport Science Department Faculty teams with EKU's Educational Extension Agents to Participate in a Regional Stewardship Initiative on KHSAA Bylaw 25

EKU Faculty Participate in Regional Stewardship Initiative

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The EKU Department of Exercise and Sports Science in collaboration with the KHSAA and the EKU Educational Extension Agent program recently conducted two forums that explained the new interpretation of the KHSAA Bylaw 25. These events served as an example of EKU Regional Stewardship initiative, which reaches out to the communities and schools in the EKU service region as well as those from surrounding counties.

The first of a series of "KHSAA Bylaw 25 Interpretation Forums" was held in the Student Service Building auditorium on Thursday, November 3rd. A crowd of 130 individuals, made up of Superintendents, Principals, Athletic Directors, and EKU Exercise and Sports Science students, attended the Richmond forum.

Dr. Jack Rutherford, Chair of the EKU Department of Exercise and Sports Science, welcomed the attendees to Eastern Kentucky University and introduced the moderator of the forum, Dr. Jack Herlihy, EKU Stewardship Program Coordinator, who explained the goal and purpose of the forum and gave a brief introduction to Bylaw 25. Dr. Herlihy then introduced the Kentucky High School Athletic Association’s Com-missioner, Mr. Julian Tackett, who explained in more detail the reason for the new interpretation of KHSAA Bylaw 25.

The forum’s program started with Dr. Bobby Barton, Instructor in Health Sciences and retired athletic trainer at EKU, discussing some of the legal issues schools and coaches may face from the new interpretations of Bylaw 25. Dr. Barton discussed examples of legal cases that have resulted in other states and informed the attendees of some of the ramifications that could occur if they were not aware of the new interpretations.

Mr. Joe Roberts and Ms. Bobbi Land of Bob Roberts Insurance and Investments dis-cussed changes that may occur in the school’s athletic insurance policies under the present interpretation of Bylaw 25. Together they explained what would be covered and not covered by the changes in interpretations.

Dr. Eric Fuchs, Director of ATEP in the EKU Department of Exercise and Sports Science, informed the audience of some student athlete health and wellness issues that could possibly occur under the new interpretation. Dr. Fuchs stressed the importance of "down time" or the length of the rest period the student athletes need if devoting their year round efforts to only one sport. Also discussed was legal issues and medical issues that could arise is these rest periods are not followed properly. Jim Hinerman, Instructor & Former Baseball Coach

Mr. Jim Hinerman, Senior Clinical Faculty member, discussed issues that may affect student athletes that participate in softball and baseball. Mr. Hinerman used examples that illustrated how overuse of the number of pitches during the off season could result in damage to pitchers shoulder and elbow. He also explained that an athlete’s devotion to one sport during the year could safely take place if proper rest time occurs.

Dr. Louisa Summers, a Professor in the EKU Department of Exercise and Sports Sciences, discussed some upcoming changes that may face schools relating to students with disabilities. Laws governing the legal rights of students with disabilities were brought out to better inform the schools of the responsibilities of providing for these students. Dr. Summers also discussed changes that were occurring in the state of Maryland concerning athletic competition regulations for students with disabilities.

The forum closed with a question and answer period to discuss issues in more detail.

On Friday, November 4th, the "KHSAA Bylaw 25 Interpretation Forum, was held at the Garland Center in London, Kentucky for attendees from that part of the Commonwealth. The event was well attended and informative with many additional questions being answered concerning the new interpretation.

Published on November 11, 2011

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